Macro Disruptions


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Macro Disruptions is our flagship Global Macro Strategy Research Service. Contrarian in its very essence, it goes beyond conventional economic thinking and sell-side market narratives, combining a holistic worldview deeply rooted in political economy with leading edge quantitative analysis and data-driven insights.

Alongside a 360° review of the most critical developments in the Global Economy, we provide actionable market calls spanning across different asset classes and geographies, altogether with a “Deep Dive” approach on emerging investment themes.

Subscribers get timely memos, alerts and notifications directly in their mailbox and enjoy an unlimited access to the restricted content published on our website. Our Monthly Macro strategy Report summarises our views and analyses. This is supplemented by our Quarterly Global Economic Scenario and Asset Allocation strategy report.

Our Founder and Chief Economist, Alexandre Kateb, holds a Monthly Virtual Seminar accessible to all interested subscribers to discuss the main findings of our research and to get feedback on our macro calls. One-to-one calls and meetings are also available on demand.

Subscribers also enjoy special discounts on bespoke investment reports and a privileged access to the Closed-door Conferences and Masterclasses organised by The Multipolarity Institute.

Indicative Content

  • The Weekly Editorial by Alexandre Kateb
  • Macro Analysis: A Review of critical economic developments and Policy announcements in the Major economies (United States, Euro Area, China, Japan, United Kingdom, EM ex-China) including Nowcasting and forecasting of key economic variables and Central Banks Watch
  • Market Strategy: A review of the global financial markets from a risk and valuation perspective alongside a selection of timely Strategy calls across Assets Classes (Equities, Fixed Income, Credit, Currencies, Commodities, Crypto Assets) and Geographies (i.e. Advanced vs. Emerging Markets)
  • Business & Geopolitics: An analysis of emerging Investment Risks and Opportunities at the crossroads of Geopolitics, Economics and Finance

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