Real Time Economics

From raw data to actionable insights

In an article published in 2017, The Economist popularized the idea that data is the oil of the XXIth century. If data is a commodity, it needs to be extracted, collected, retreated and analyzed. The real value resides in the analysis not in the data per se, as the latter can rapidly become overwhelming and useless. This is the so-called “curse of dimensionality“.

The Multipolarity Report has been founded on the premise of processing data with a combination of leading edge quantitative analysis and top notch expert judgement in order to deliver superior results. We use a variety of AI-augmented analytical techniques and algorithms (neural networks, support vector machine, genetic algorithms, natural language processing, ..) to extract valuable insights contained in high frequency databases and other content (i.e. company press releases and financial reports, Internet search queries, publications on social media, satellite images, ..).

Whether you need to know how much grain is shipped on a daily basis between Russia and Egypt, how many airfare tickets are likely to be bought this summer in California, what are the expected carbon emissions in the upcoming quarter in Guangdong, China, or how investors think about a particular stock or crypto-asset, we will mobilize our extensive talent pool and make use of our proprietary AI FORGE © to turn raw data into valuable insights and help you achieve outstanding results.

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