Investing in the Hydrogen Economy. Part II: Applications

From the production of green hydrogen to expanding application and use cases in material handling, transportation, industry and off-grid power generation, the Hydrogen economy is at tipping point. Large-scale Green hydrogen production facilities are becoming reality and ramped up R&D investments in electrolyzers and fuel cells are leading to increased efficiency and lower unit costs. Governments have stepped in from Asia (Japan, Korea, China) to Europe (European Commission, Germany, France), North America (US Federal Government, California) and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), with aggressive support policies, fiscal incentives and subsidies. This has lifted the prospect for emerging “Hydrogen pure players” as well as for incumbent large industrial and manufacturing players that have scaled their projects.

Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2021 @ 3.30 pm CET

Duration: 2 hours

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Topics covered

  • Industrial process applications
    • Green Steel: Direct Reduced Iron 
    • Other industrial processes
  • Stationary applications
    • Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
    • Off-grid / Micro-grid Power Generation 
    • Green Electricity storage and load balance 
  • Mobility applications
    • On-road Vehicles: Passenger Vehicles, Buses, Trucks
    • Off-road vehicles: Materials handling, mining trucks

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