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Business Intelligence: EU Antitrust Case against Amazon

Case number AT. 40462 On 17/07/2019, the Commission decided to initiate antitrust proceedings in case AT.40462 Amazon Marketplace. The proceedings were initiated with a view to adopting a decision in application of Chapter III of Council Regulation No 1/2003 and concern the use by Amazon of commercially sensitive information available to Amazon’s marketplace operations, regarding […]

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Business & Geopolitics: Antitrust Policies for the Digital Age

The hearing in front of the US Sentate of the CEOs of four out of five of the largest US Tech companies may announce a rejuvenation of Antitrust laws and policies in the United States. If the report expected later this month is followed by legislative action, this would bring back these laws and policies closer to their original philosophy. But their application to Internet Platforms is likely to yield significantly different outcomes compared with earlier high profile cases.