Market Strategy

Bullish outlook for Palladium

The outlook for platinum and palladium is likely to remain bullish in 2021 after a rally in 2020 that was boosted by the prospect of a faster than expected recovery for global growth and for global vehicle sales. Platinum should benefit most from the rebound in vehicle sales and from the increased demand for Jewelry across the world as the global economy rebounds and pent-up demand is released. 

Commodities Gold Market Strategy

Market focus: Gold above $2000/oz

Key takeaways The price of gold is testing new record highs as the yellow metal is expected to cross the $2000/oz mark for the first time in its modern history The seemingly unstoppable ascent of gold is due to a combination of negative real market interest rates and sliding dollar in the face of the […]

ENG Market Strategy Oil

Market Focus: Oil market situation and outlook

The International Energy Agency, which is the OECD’s Energy watchdog, has just released its Oil Report for March 2020. This release coincides with the worst fallout in oil prices in a single day in decades. This new monthly edition of the IEA’s flagship publication comes amid increasingly gloomy prospects for the world economy, amid a seemingly irrepressible spread of the coronavirus pandemic.