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Business Intelligence: Is the Hydrogen Economy ready to take-off?

Hydrogen as a feedstock for the petrochemical industry Since the first demonstrations of water electrolysis some two hundred years ago, Hydrogen has witnessed many false dawns. As recorded by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its landmark report on the Future of Hydrogen, commissioned by the Japanese Presidency of the G20 in June 2019, hydrogen […]

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MEDays Talks: [Webinar Recording] The future of the US-China relationship

What are the key challenges for the US-China relationship with a Biden Administration? MEDays Talk Discussion between Prof. Yong Wang, Andrew Leung and Alexandre Kateb

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Business & Geopolitics: A Welcome Stimulus for Russia’s Sovereign Tech Sector

The Russian Tech sector has witnessed a remarkable development over the last twenty years, moving out of a soviet state-led institutional and technological matrix into a beacon for flagship tech companies such as Kaspersky Lab, Telegram, Yandex and Ozon. The COVID-19 pandemic and recession presents both challenges and opportunities for Russia’s tech players.

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Business & Geopolitics: The ORE of discord or the Battle for Rare Earths

Rare earhs could become a focal point in the coming trade battles following the scraping of that agreement. Several initiatives like Sen. Ted Cruz ORE legislation and Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross inquiry into vanadium imports support this claim. We explain why the Battle for rare earths is a the heart of a reshaping of globalisation and an acceleration of the technology race in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

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Market Focus: How long can the market rally last?

Despite all the macro projections that tend to discard a V-shaped recovery, the markets seem for now to price in such a scenario, perceiving the profile of the current recession to be more similarities with the 1991 and the 2001 recession than with the more severe recession associated with the GFC in 2007-2008. The probability of a sudden reversal in market sentiment following some unexpected bad news looks increasingly high. An abrupt end to the ongoing euphoria should not be dismissed. Hedging this potential outcome by buying equity puts or VIX calls might be a good way to prepare for this eventuality while preserving the gains achieved during this unprecedented rally.

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Macro Focus: Economic policy in China between the hammer and the anvil

the main focus for observers of the Chinese economy n the coming months and quarters should not be on the overall size of the stimulus package but on the nitty gritty details pertaining to the allocation of government-backed funds across sectors and geographic areas. In the context of an intensifying trade and technological war, a significant part of the effort could be geared toward insuring that productivity gains will be preserved in the post-Covid era by investing in Industry 4.0 and high tech ventures. Another area of focus is the need to reduce social inequalities – a subject that has been taboo for years if not decades in the wake of China’s transition to a market based economy – and supporting the build-up of an ambitious and comprehensive social safety net – targeting the rural population and migrant workers – that could increase social cohesion and preserve political stability in the years to come.

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The long view: Apocalypse now? The outlook for the global economy after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Willl the Covid-19 reshape the global economy? What are the most important hotspots and the blindspots revealed by this crisis? We tackle this issue in this article. Beyond the handling of the health crisis and the exceptional support measures designed to ensure that hundreds of millions or even billions of people around the world do not lose their livelihoods overnight, the most worrying concern are the medium- and long-term consequences of the crisis for the global economy.

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Market Focus: Is Saudi Arabia’s “oil put” strategy reasonable ?

Alexandre Kateb was interviewed on RT International about Saudi Arabia’s “oil put” strategy following the Kingdom’s decision to flood the market with cheap oil in order to squeeze the other major oil producers.

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Market Focus: Argentina’s upcoming sovereign debt restructuring

Once again, Argentina is embarked on a complicated debt restructuring process. This post exposes some key facts and figure and makes some observations from the macro and legal perspectives.

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Understanding the dynamics and counting the cost of the coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) is currently the number one concern among healthcare specialists, policymakers, journalists, economic and market analysts and ordinary citizens alike.   The elucidation of the disease’s dynamics, death toll and impact on the Chinese and on the global economy are mobilising experts and analysts both in the economics and healthcare communities. […]